COVID-19 Policy/Protocol

REQUIRED SCREENING FORM:  CLICK, COMPLETE AND SUBMIT 12-24 hours prior to your appointment. 

So that everyone is safe, please note the following best practice guidelines that is in place during this horrible pandemic:

- Treatments are by appointment only. Clients may not bring children, friends, family members to accompany them to their appointment.

- If client is a minor or special-needs client, one adult or care-giver will be allowed in the wait area and must practice 6 to 10 feet distancing.

- There will be no walk-in clients allowed.

- All clients are required to wear a mask into the building and until they arrive to the sanitized treatment room. It will only be removed if you are receiving a facial treatment or facial hair removal service. There will be no talking during the treatment.

- I will remain masked and wear a shield during your service and while in the lobby.

- When you arrive, I will ask for you to wait outside in your vehicle until I can safely promote six to ten feet distancing from the exiting client if needed.

- I will meet you at the building entrance where you will be prompted to sanitize your hands, and I will ask to take your temperature with a touch-free/non-contact thermometer. If you have a temperature of 100.0 F or greater, or any symptoms of respiratory illness, I will kindly reschedule your appointment to maintain safety for all clients and me.

- Do not bring items other than your wallet, car keys and/or sunglasses.

- Do not touch products unless you plan to purchase them at that exact moment.

- I will be screened multiple times daily with temperature checks prior to servicing clients. If I demonstrate concerning symptoms, I will contact everyone that has visited the studio and all upcoming clients scheduled for a service.

- I will continue as I’ve done for numerous years to wear gloves. I’ll also wear protective goggles and a mask and/or a face shield during the facial/waxing treatment.

- The steamer and towel warmer will have the ozone/ UV settings turned on to promote safe steaming.

- The studio will have a 60-min resting period in-between each client and thorough sanitization of all surfaces, equipment, and linens. All new precautions are based on science/medicine, and steps Ageless Perfection Skin Care feels is needed to keep everyone safe.  There will be no blanket on the table, so please dress accordingly if you think you’ll be cold.

- You will be asked for your payment information over the phone prior to your appointment. You may also pay by CASH, Venmo, CashApp or Square Invoice. If you pay by CASH, please place in zip lock bag prior to handing to me.

- The COVID-19 Guidelines/Waiver will be sent to you via email and text when you schedule your appointment. You are required to return the COVID-19 Guidelines/Waiver 12-24 hours before your appointment. If not received, your appointment will be cancelled.

Should you test positive/diagnosed with COVID-19, after your appointment, you agree to notify Ageless Perfection Skin Care Studio immediately. This can can be done by a family member or friend.

Thank you,

Ruby Powell, LE/Owner



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